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Group Therapy

Below is a list of all therapy groups currently being offered at Historic Franklin Wellness, LLC.  For more information, or to enroll in a group, please email [email protected]

Treating the Illness, Not Just the Disease: Overall Healing for Individuals with Chronic Physical Illness
Quite often, treatment for chronic physical illness focuses solely on the affected organs without addressing the impact of illness on the whole individual. In fact, many do not know that there is a difference between disease, the biomedical label given to a cluster of physical symptoms, and illness, the overall lived experience of wearing a medical label and adjusting to symptoms throughout all facets of life. This group invites you to bring your experiences of chronic physical illness, to share in the presence of others with similar experiences, and to discover healing in the face of physical hardship. You will be welcomed in a warm, safe space that respectfully holds your suffering while creating a therapeutic community. While the group is semi-structured, including readings and creative exercises (come just as you are – no skill or talent necessary), it intentionally allows participants the time and space they need to be themselves, to learn from one another, and to gain insight into their healing process.  

Self-Care for Those Who Care for Others: A Healing Journey for Caregivers
Caregivers are wonderful and selfless individuals who devote themselves to the well-being of others. There is no greater gift we can share with one another than our time and our energy. However, many times caregivers find themselves wholly focused on serving others, having lost sight of what it means to care for themselves. This group is here to help caregivers learn, or relearn, self-care while being supported by a community of others who understand their daily struggles. We will focus on how to find inner balance in the face of interpersonal extremes, how to satisfy your personal needs, and how to find healing amidst great hardship and loss. In light of the external pressures that often run a caregiver's life, participants will work together to craft the direction and content of this group based on their desires and needs.

Family Members Anonymous
Integrative treatment centers and diverse therapeutic models abound, poised and ready to serve individuals with addictions and set them on the path to recovery. However, an addiction's impact reaches further than the individual. Family members are deeply impacted by living in the wake of addiction's consequences. This group is here to serve those family members as they try to adapt to chaos and extremes, seeking some semblance of balance in their own lives. This is your time to be open and honest about living with addiction without fear of hurting feelings or saying the wrong thing. You will be supported in a warm, safe space that makes no room for judgments, only community and healing. There will be educational components built into the time we share, but the majority of the time is available to you to share your voice and the presence of those who understand your daily struggles.

Addiction? Just a Problematic Relationship with Drugs or Alcohol?
The labels addiction and addict are thrown around a lot, sometimes appropriately and sometimes not. Both their extensive use and the complicated nature of human experience can make it difficult to know and understand your potentially problematic relationship with drugs or alcohol. This group will help you learn more about what addiction looks like and its impact on our emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and relationships.  Together we will explore how to begin altering a problematic relationship with drugs or alcohol and to start healing. We will never ask you to label yourself. Instead, you are invited to share a warm, safe educational space where confidentiality is honored and your life experience is held with non-judgmental respect.

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