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Who We Are

Trey Holt, M.Div., LPC-MHSP
[email protected]

Just a regular guy dealing with regular people. With 25 years of experience in the field of mental health, nothing surprises me. I work under the theory that we all have our “stuff”! Sometimes it lets us function pretty well on a day-to-day basis, sometimes it doesn’t. I am very comfortable working with people in both of these situations, and all the places in between. Whether you are in crisis, or just feeling like you need a place to talk about your life and potential growth, my goal is to create a grace-centered, non-judgmental environment where that can be done.

Corbett Hinkle, M.Ed., LPC-MHSP, NCC
[email protected]

Life is full of ever changing adventures and challenges. Corbett offers a warm, safe and nonjudgmental space to explore and discuss where in life you currently find yourself and where in life you may be looking to go. Her goal is to form a solid base of trust and a collaborative relationship with each individual she works with. She provides therapy to individuals concerned with low mood, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, relationships, adjustments, self-harm, disordered eating, body image, transitions and life satisfaction. Corbett has worked in a variety of settings, including a residential treatment facility for eating disorders, a school-based program, and outpatient programs. She is flexible in her therapeutic approach so that she may best meet her clients' needs. She is committed to assisting each individual build on their existing strengths to live their best possible life.

Kim McKinney Rate, LPC-MHSP
[email protected]

There are few things more difficult in life than struggling, or watching your child struggle, and not knowing how to fix it.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are often expected to put our best foot forward, ignore our pain, and go about our day as if nothing is wrong. This may work for a short time, but it often leaves us feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and discouraged.  Kim is passionate about working with adults and adolescents who are in difficult phases of their lives and are struggling to rediscover happiness, pleasure, or meaning out of their current circumstances. During sessions she works to maintain an open environment where exploration and change can readily occur without judgment. She will guide you through the identification of solutions already present within your own life in order to solve current challenges, and work alongside you to implement these meaningful changes. 

Landon Rives, LPC-MHSP
[email protected]

Landon takes people seriously. He has experience with diverse populations and one thing he has found to ring true is that the therapeutic endeavor is one of the most courageous and meaningful opportunities that one can undertake. He is most focused on change and the healing it would mean for a person in their life circumstances, however small or great. Landon has experience with adolescents and adults and is passionate about facilitating a more personalized yet directive meaning in the face of interpersonal confusion, anxiety, or depression. Whether the pain or struggle is transient, chronic, or somewhere in between, Landon is willing to meet you where you are. Counseling may be a frightening idea for some, but know that with it comes confidentiality, unconditional positive regard, and the opportunity for transformation. 

The below counselors are master's level clinicians who are actively pursuing licensure as professional counselors in the state of Tennessee under the supervision of Trey Holt at Historic Franklin Wellness, LLC.  Each of these counselors offer an income-based sliding scale for those who qualify.


Emily Ector-Volman, LPC-MHSP (temp), NCC
[email protected]

Whether you're seeking therapy for yourself or your relationship, you may be feeling disconnected, exhausted, embarrassed, angry, or many other emotions. Perhaps you long for better communication, greater intimacy, and rebuilt trust. In addition to working toward re-connection and love in your relationship, sex is often a difficult topic to tackle. Creating a judgement-free space where you can explore these thoughts, feelings, and personal values is my highest priority as a therapist. I work with individuals, couples, and adult families using Imago Relationship Therapy and attachment-based EFT. I am trained in EMDR and OCSB (Out of Control Sexual Behavior) and am working toward sex therapy certification through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

Jackie Jones M.Ed., LMSW
[email protected]

Jackie celebrates the uniqueness and strengths of each individual in a supportive and affirming environment. She helps her clients create their own road map to assist them in meeting life’s challenges and transitions. This might include a holistic approach to wellness including mindfulness, nutrition and specific coping skills, a more structured plan to explore core beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back, or just a safe space to examine and reflect on boundaries, roles and expectations.  Over the years, she has worked with people of all ages as a classroom teacher, holistic health coach and social worker. Her personal experience with her son led her to a certification in working with young children on the autism spectrum and their families. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and exploring new experiences with her three kids.

Dakota Lawrence, M. Ed, NCC
[email protected]

Counseling is the process of growth and healing in the context of a safe, supportive, and challenging therapeutic relationship. The overarching goal of counseling is to improve self-awareness in a process that can help you make decisions and develop new strategies for dealing the challenges you may face. With these new skills, clients often report growth in their relationships, a greater sense of well-being, and the ability to better regulate their distress. I believe that you are the expert of your own experience and that therapy is a collaborative process. At times, this may be a slow and difficult process, requiring strength, patience, and courage. I have experience working with adults and adolescents targeting a variety of issues, including chronic pain/illness, trauma, attachment, depression, anxiety, and grief & loss issues. I utilize mindfulness techniques, evidence-based therapies (such as CBT, ACT, and DBT), and Sensorimotor interventions to provide a comprehensive, whole-person approach to healing and growth.

  Jannelle Means  
  [email protected]

Sometimes you just need to talk it out with someone. Support is a universal need that brings  about compassion and healing that you may never thought could exist in your world. But, with the help of a counselor who wants to see people survive and live the best life they can live, it is possible! Jannelle Means aspires to make this happen. Jannelle desires to help others live in the moment and be free to be themselves. She counsels adolescent or adult individuals challenged by stress, anxiety, identity crisis, knowing your value, self-esteem, and career planning. She aims to use the person-centered approach, with interpersonal effectiveness in her therapy. She likes to add creativity and innovation when necessary. Jannelle specializes in group counseling as well. Jannelle holds a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Argosy University and a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Middle Tennessee State University. Jannelle is also very involved in music within and around the Nashville community. She loves to sing and participate in community service.

Jonathon Roy, MA
[email protected]

Jonathon grew up in a small town in Central Ohio. He has a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grace College, in Warsaw Indiana. He currently studies at Trevecca, in the Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision program. Jonathon has worked with a variety of clients from elementary students to those in their 60’s. He believes that therapy is a place for you to be your true self. Life is full of experiences; good, bad, and ugly moments shape the people we become. It can take a long journey to find any beauty in the painful moments of life. Jonathon is not afraid to walk with you, no matter where you are in life. He hopes that his office will hold a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, and hopefully a lot of healing. 

Megan Thomas, MA
[email protected]

You know yourself best, and Megan hopes to guide you into a journey of improving your life on your terms. Megan believes that creating a safe, non-judgmental environment is always the first step to providing quality care.  She specializes in treating LGBTQ youth and couples, people battling with anxiety, and athletes looking to improve their mental strength. Megan is certified in Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and earned her Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Trevecca Nazarene University. Outside of the office, you can catch Megan coaching on the soccer fields or cuddled on the couch with her two dogs and spouse, watching reality TV.

Beth Darby, MSW, LCSW
[email protected]

Your path through life is unique and following it requires healing and growth. You can be swayed from your authentic path when going through challenges or when recovering from trauma or harmful relationships. These are opportunities to learn and evolve. Growth is hard but you are capable of changing and deserving of a purposeful, intentional life.

Beth is a Master’s level clinician with over 13 years of experience in therapy. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Master’s in Social Work. She is a certified clinical trauma professional who has experience helping clients with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, relationships and grief. Beth grew up in the Franklin area and returns after 25 years of experiences away. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, practicing yoga, healthy mindful living and the world of nature.



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